Accountants play an important role in any company or organization. These professionals have to deal with financial reports, tax reports, and record debit entry or credit entry almost everyday. Those tasks require hard work and attention to details. If you are an accountant and you love your job, get yourself one of the accountant shirts.

The “Retired accountant just like regular accountant except way happier” shirt is a great design for retired accountants. In fact, everyone has their own financial problems. Whether you are retired or not, you still have to deal with them everyday.

And it is not just an accountant, but people with any job would feel much happier once they retire because they can spend more time with their families and friends. You should definitely own this shirt once you retire or buy it as a gift to give someone you know. The graphic includes the most familiar things to an accountant, from tax reports, cash, and calculator.

If you are dating or married an accountant, wearing the “I’m taken by this sexy accountant” shirt is a great way to show your affection as well as appreciation to your partner. The line “Sorry this guy is already taken by a smart and sexy accountant” just tells everyone how much you adore the women in your life. And you know what, they will appreciate their men for wearing that shirt.

There have been rumors about how an accountant can cook the book. We don’t want to mention details about this, but if you are an accountant and you don’t like that rumor, you should own the “I am an accountant not a magician” t-shirt.

Besides, many people think that the accounting department and people who work there are boring, maybe because of the job that makes them deal with numbers all day. However, accountants do have their personality, hobbies and not all of them are nerds. If you work as an accountant during the day and enjoy partying at night, you should get the rock star accountant t-shirt. The line “Accountant by day, rockstar by night” will let people know more about you.

Being an accountant is stressful most of the time. The main reason is that you have to reduce some stupid costs on the spreadsheet. Perhaps you can’t fix it, however, there are ways to amortize it. If you want people to learn more about your job, get one of these “We Cant Fix Stupid But We Can Amortize It” t-shirts.

When you are stressed, you need to relax and an office party is a good idea. If your office enjoys parties, get the “Accountant office party” shirt for everyone. The shirt has the most simple design with a funny line “LIFO the party”. All accountants know what LIFO means. It is a very common method in accounting, and therefore, it can’t be missed out on the party as well.
Another funny design for accountant shirts is the accountant definition t-shirt. If you haven’t looked at the design, you might think that it is just the word and its definition. However, it will surprise you by providing a funny definition that makes you believe accountants are like magicians. We know that they aren’t, but if you like the idea, make sure to get this shirt.

The “Being an accountant during tax season” t-shirt is a funny, yet an “understanding” design. Tax seasons are a nightmare for accountants when they have to work all day and night. The amount of work during the season can make the calmest person become crazy.
Therefore, the line on the shirt just simply tells the truth about how accountants feel, but in a sarcastic way. That is “Being an accountant during tax season is easy. It’s like riding a bike except the bike is on fire. You’re on fire and you’re in hell.” Whenever a tax season comes, make sure to wear this shirt so people will understand your feelings.

In accounting or auditing, CPA is an important license that you should get. It will certify that you are a qualified accountant. However, it is very difficult and requires a lot of effort. The “CPA certified pain in the ass” t-shirt is a very funny design for you if you are trying to get a CPA license. The funny part is the coincidence from the meaning of the line. Who knows that CPA could stand for “Certified Pain in the Ass”?

Furthermore, CPA must be the worst nightmare in your student life. And because of that, passing all the exams is a great achievement and you should be happy about it. Passing the CPA exam also means your career path is now brighter. If you are so proud of yourself as you should be, get the accounting student t-shirt. It will help you announce everyone that “I survived the CPA exam.”

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