An apple is a healthy and edible fruit that offers a lot of benefits. It is easy to find apples everywhere around the world. Apples are familiar with us not only in terms of food, but also when it comes to common devices like smartphones or tablets. A bitten apple has become an iconic logo of a giant tech company. Therefore, there is no surprise if you can find a lot of recreation ideas related to this fruit. Let’s check out these wonderful Apple Shirts.

Have you ever watched the “Onion and Apple” TV series? This is an American-British animated television series that tells a story about Apple and Onion. They are both newcomers to the big city, and soon become best friends who attempt to fit into their new surroundings. If you are a fan of this series, make sure to check out the apple and onion shirt. The graphic is cute with an apple and an onion side by side.

Everyone must know about the apple cider vinegar and its uses. The vinegar is extremely helpful for solving problems in our daily life. That’s where the idea of the apple cider vinegar shirt comes from. The line on this tee just says it all about the benefits of having this type of vinegar in the house: “I’ve got 99 problems and apple cider vinegar solved like 86 of them.” If you have any trouble, just look for apple cider vinegar. This tip is useful for all men, women, and wearing this shirt reminds people about it.

If you are looking for a vintage or retro design, the apple juice shirt is a good option. In addition to orange juice, apple juice is also a common breakfast beverage. It is probably the favourite drink of most kids. If you love apple juice, don’t miss out on this tee.

I’m sure that we all enjoy having apples every now and then. Now you can show your love for this fruit with a classic design. The “I love apple” shirt comes with a very basic graphic, making it a great gift for people around you. If you love apples, check it out!

Now there is a funny design for you which is the bone apple tea shirt. It is funny not only by the look of it, but also from the pun. You might see the word “Bon Appetit” everywhere, but have you seen it in a creative way? This design includes a bone, an apple and a cup of tea that are put together to make an interesting pun. Do you think “Bone apple tea” sounds like “Bon Appetit” and that it is funny? If the answer is yes, you know what to do with this design!

The nerds love apple pie shirts are another interesting design with a funny pun for you. Do all nerds love apple pie? We are not sure about that, however, one thing that we are certain is that only a nerd loves this “𝜋”, especially the one who is good at math. It’s just a play on words, but it makes a really cool shirt.

If you are a teacher, or you are looking for a gift for your teacher, take a look at the apple teachers life shirt. This is a cute design that comes with a lovely apple and a cool line: “Living that teacher’s life”. 

Are you looking for a creepy design? Then the snow white poison apple shirt is the right one for you. Don’t tell me that you don’t know about the snow white fairy tale. A poisoned apple plays an important role in the tale where it is a magic blood-red apple sending its victim into the Sleeping Death when bitten. And it is also the main graphic in this shirt. If you wish to become a poisoned apple on your upcoming Halloween, don’t miss out on this design!

Have you tried a caramel apple? Do you think you can be sweeter than that? The caramel apple shirt comes with a lovely graphic and the line “Sweeter than a caramel apple”. It is a cute tee to get for your woman or man. They will appreciate your gift as well as your feelings for them.

The apple pi shirt is another cool tee that comes with a funny pun. Don’t think about an apple pie yet, because I am pretty sure that you can’t eat  this “𝜋”.

The next design in this collection is the Apple picking shirt. Do you like picking apples or do you know someone who does the job? If you do, don’t forget to get one of these shirts for them. Wearing this tee, you are letting people know what you do. Besides, the shirt has a simple design with a line: “This is my apple picking shirt”, which is suitable for anyone.

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