Best Audio Engineer Shirts

An audio engineer or a sound engineer is someone who helps to produce a recording or a live performance. He/she is in charge of balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization and audio effects. These professionals are trained to work with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. Their job is interesting, so is the audio engineer shirt collection.

If you work in this area, you will understand the graphic on the “VU Meter Sound Engineer“. It is an image of an analog signal which is familiar to any audio engineer. If you like the idea of this design, make sure to grab one for your shirt collection. Meanwhile, if you don’t understand what it means but you think it is cool, don’t hesitate to buy these shirts for your friends or family.

Sound engineers deal with sound systems of performances which require a lot of hard work, so people who do the job need to be active. In this case, a t-shirt is a comfortable piece of clothing for them to wear. If you prefer flexibility, get one of the “Sound audio engineer mixing board”. When people look at the shirt, they know exactly what you do. The graphic is a clear image of a mixing board, an important device in sound recording and reproduction as it combines sounds of many different audio signals. This is also a cool idea of matching t-shirts for your team.

If you are looking for a funny tee, check out the “studio audio engineer FAQ” shirt. When you get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, wearing this shirt is a good idea. It is funny not only because of the hilarious lines, but also the way answers are listed on the shirt. We understand that sound engineers can be loud sometimes, but there are still people who don’t. Maybe they don’t know about your job, and this is the ideal way to let them know!

Another funny design for audio engineer t-shirts is the “audio engineer definition“. This type of design always makes people smile because of the creative definition. And of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to be true, it is just funny to make a cool shirt.

If you have had a chance to come to a sound studio, you will find the “I’ll be at my desk sound guy audio engineer” funny. As you can tell from the simple graphic, a sound engineer’s desk is so special. It is not the same as any other job, the desk is huge and full of sound devices like a mixing console. Besides, this design is dedicated to men, so if you know some guy audio engineers, don’t forget to let them know about this shirt.

One of the most common things about going to the Church anywhere in this world is to sing beautiful songs. That’s why almost every Church has a sound guy. If you know someone who does this job, get him the “Church sound guy audio tech engineer”. This design is noticeable because it comes with an American flag as the main graphic. Do you like the shirt? You know what to do!

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