Best Axolotl Shirts For Axolotl Lovers

If you love axolotl, then choose a great shirt to show off to everyone your hobby. Besides the axolotl shirts, you can also choose sweater, hoodie, coffee mug with pictures of this funny animal. This is also a great suggestion about gifts for Christmas, Halloween … for all axolotl lovers.

This Mexican Walking Fish has a special structure, their faces are always cheerful, bringing positive energy to everyone. The “smile a lot like an axolotl” expresses the optimistic message in life, always smiling like these lovely axolotls.

Did you know axolotl is an animal that never grows like this “axololt never grows“, they only grow in size and live permanently in the water. Their fluffy external gills and tadpole-like physique have been preserved from the larval stage.

The pronunciation of axolotl has similar sounds to the word  “answer ” so they are often used for humorous purposes. You can find lots of pun shirts using them like: you sure axolotl questions, keep calm and axolotl questions, i axolotl questions … These shirts will surely make those who love this exotic species laugh out loud.

Axolotls are small animals, they are no more than 12 inches in size. With this size you can fit them perfectly in your pocket, saying that but that does not mean we recommend that you put them in because they are fully underwater and very rarely mature and survive on land. If you still want to put this tiny animal in your pocket, check out this pocket axolotl, a small pet that fits neatly in your chest pocket is great, right ?.

At this time, the amount of Mexican Salamander is not as much as before, caused by habitat loss, pollution, and invasion by other species. So preserving them is necessary, you can raise public awareness with shirts bearing the message save the axolotl.

If you are looking for a children’s shirt, you should not ignore this fun shirt, my axolotl ate my homework is an interesting shirt that any child who loves axolotl wants to own.

All the Axolotl that you see through the pet trade is raised and bred to get eye-catching colors, notably the Leucistic and White Albino. Love and care for them is no different than other pets but because they live completely underwater, you will not have many opportunities to caress or hug them. After all, being an axolotl mom or dad is a great thing, isn’t it? If you are proud to be an axolotl mom, buy yourself an “axolotl mom” right away.

In nature there are many creatures with strange shapes, they remind us of aliens. Axolotl with a cute face and funny shape reminds us of the pokemon in the Japanese series of the same name. If you love Japanese style you can check out this “japanese axolotl“. If you want a space style shirt you can buy yourself a “cute space axolotl“.

One more special thing that very few people know is axolotls reproduce asexually, because of that, they were chosen as one of the symbols for the LGBT community. If you love this animal and also support the LGBT community, you should have a look at this “Axolotls Support Asexuality“.

At Frenzy Tee we have many unique designs for those who love axolotl, quality products for women, men, and kids. Besides the axolotl shirts, we also want to send the message about the conservation of this endangered animal.