Bananas are a popular fruit all around the world. This fruit contains essential nutrients that are really good for people’s health. It is said to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer. But more importantly, it is delicious and can be eaten by anyone. There have been many recreation ideas associated with this fruit, including banana shirts.

If you are a fan of the Despicable movie, you will definitely love the minions banana shirt. This design will catch the attention of all kids for sure, let alone adults. Perhaps one of the most famous and funny things coming from the movie is the “Banana” song. The minions are already too cute, and when they sing this song, they look even more adorable and hilarious. The shirt has a lovely graphic with a minion holding a banana. It can be a great gift for kids or anyone, including men and women.

Are you looking for a funny tee? Then the Dolce and Banana shirt is a good option. Everyone should know about the giant fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana, so what do you think about Dolce and Banana? Yes it is just a small change of word, but it helps create a funny shirt. The graphic, of course, has to include a bunch of bananas.

The banana cat shirt is a lovely design for banana and animal lovers. If you love a cute white cat, you will love the graphic in this design. Why? Just take a look at the shirt!

Do you like banana milk? There will be no surprise if your answer is yes because it is delicious and is the favourite drink of many people. If you have tried it once, you will be more likely to have it again. More importantly, anyone can drink the milk, from kids, adults to the elderly. With that being said, people might be interested in the banana milk shirt as well. This is a creative design idea associated with bananas, check it out!

Another funny design for banana lovers is the naked banana shirt. If you think the graphic isn’t funny, I don’t know what else can be. And yes you are right, it is about a naked banana. But I have to apologize for being a spoiler here because you won’t be able to know whether it is the male or female banana. This is also an interesting part of the shirt. If you like this idea, don’t miss out on this design!

Halloween is just around the corner, and this is the right time for people to look for costumes for the holiday. If you are struggling to find a good Halloween costume, check out the “I am a banana” shirt. Transforming to be a banana is actually a good idea, isn’t it? This design is simple, but it still carries the Halloween vibe.

The no banana on board shirt is another funny tea for you. Although bananas are the favourite fruit of almost everyone, we have to admit the fact that there are still people who don’t like it. If you are one of those people, you will be in love with this design. Wearing this shirt, you are telling people not to bring bananas when they join you.

If you are looking for a funny tee for your grandmother, the nana banana shirt is definitely the right one. We all love our grandmother, and “nana” is a sweet way to call them. Do you call your grandmother “nana”? If no, it doesn’t really matter because just by looking at the graphic, people will recognize who should wear it. This design can also be a cute and lovely gift to give your grandmother on any occasion. Or you know what? You love your grandmother, so you don’t really need a reason to buy her a gift, right?

So we have mentioned banana designs for almost everyone, from men, women, kids, to the elderly, it will be a mistake not to introduce a cool design for the LGBT. The banana pride shirt is dedicated for gay people. If you want to come out, this shirt is a great way to tell people as it comes with a cool line: “Sorry girls, I like bananas.” Or if you already come out, this is a good idea to show your pride. Don’t forget to get one of these shirts for your LGBT friends as well. By doing that, you let them know that they are embraced.

A great vintage design for you is the banana squad shirt. This can be an ideal matching tee for you and your squad or family members. The idea probably comes from the fact that bananas always come as a squad. You barely see one single banana in the supermarket. Besides, the graphic is cool with a banana wearing sunglasses, inspired by vintage style.

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