Best Beaver Shirts for Beaver Lovers

Beaver is a large but lovely animal. Considered to be the second-largest rodent in this world, beavers can build dams, canals, and lodges. However, because they are being hunted for fur and glands, their population is decreasing. Despite their size, beaver shirts are inspired for cute graphics.

The Justin Beaver shirt is a funny design when it comes to animal shirts. Do you find that the line is familiar? Yes it sounds like a big name, however it is not. You don’t need to be a fan of pop music to know Justin Bieber who became an extremely famous singer at a very young age. And Justin Beaver? Maybe just a cute beaver which is named Justin. If you like this funny design, get one of them now!

Another funny shirt is the “Are you a beaver cuz dam”. This is a great design with a twist in the word. We all know that beavers make dams, but we are not talking about the actual dam here. You know what it means! The shirt is also simple with a basic graphic of a beaver and the line in front.
If you are looking for a really cool shirt, the “beaver valley” is definitely the one. It is a design for a men’s shirt because of the line on it which is “There’s no place I’d rather be than beaver valley.” If you don’t know what “beaver valley” means, just take a look at the graphic. When you want to look like a badass or a playful person, it is a great idea to wear this shirt. Or if you want to surprise your wife, this shirt can do the job!

Another cool design for men is the “Save a tree, eat a beaver”. Although beavers can be helpful when they build dams and canals, they also harvest trees. That’s the idea for this funny but inappropriate design. Trees are important for the environment and atmosphere, so we need to protect them. If you want to save a tree from beavers, then eat them. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be the animal in this line. So which beaver do you prefer to eat?

Beaver seems to be a great inspiration for men’s shirts. The “beaver liquors” is an adult humor design with a play on words. The graphic is just simple with a beaver drinking out of a cup, however, the words are what make it feel “dirty”. Check it out to see what I mean!

The “beaver hair styles” is suitable for both men and women. It is a very creative design with different hairstyles on a beaver, including triangle, natural, shaved, bald, crew, and mohawk. And of course, this animal won’t be seen with these styles. You know what we are talking about here! If you think this design is funny and cool, make sure to get one of them.
In addition to the collection, the “I love beaver” is a very classic design with a heart in the middle of the line. Do you love beavers? If so, don’t miss out on this shirt!

If you have been in love with these pun shirt designs, we have another one for you. The “I don’t give a dam beaver” is also a classic design with beaver. In your life, there are so many things to worry about, but definitely not what people think about you. If you don’t care, this design is perfect for you. Wearing it means you are telling them to “Shut up.”
Here comes another funny design for beaver lovers, the “Stuff your beaver” is a great recreation idea with a cool line: “I’m not a taxidermist but I’ll gladly stuff your beaver.” Taxidermist is a person whose job is taxidermy. And not many people that I know are doing this job, however, I am pretty sure all men are willing to “stuff the beaver”.

Looking for more adult humor design? Then you must check out the “I love shaved beaver”. The graphic is funny with a beaver holding a shaver blade. If you love shaved beaver, you know what to do!

As a fan of vintage design, you will be in love with the “Beaver Canada“. It is a very classic design that brings a vintage look. This shirt is not as funny as other ones above and it doesn’t involve any play on words. If you don’t know, beavers are not just an animal in Canada. Not only are they native to this country, but they have also been considered Canada’s national icon for more than 300 years. However, they are endangered because people are hunting them for fur. That’s why there is a need to raise awareness about saving this animal. If you feel the spirit, get one of these shirts for yourself. Also, you can buy it as a gift for a Canadian friend on Halloween or Christmas.

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