Bigfoot Shirts For Fans Of Sasquatch

Bigfoot is known as an ape-like creature that can be found in the forests of North America. Although not many people believe in Bigfoot, there is evidence of Bigfoot’s existence with short videos, photographs, casts of large footprints, visual sightings and many more. Bigfoot, or Sasquatch is described as a large, hairy, muscular, creature that is roughly 6–9 feet. All its body is covered in hair. 

This creature has been an inspiration for many recreation ideas. And one of the very interesting ones is the Bigfoot shirt. As you can tell, all the shirts come with the images of Bigfoot or something relating to it. Are they cool shirts to wear? Check it out!

Do you believe that Bigfoot exists? If you don’t, skip this design and check out the rest in this collection. However, if you think he is real, the “Bigfoot is real and he tried to eat my ass” is a funny tee for you. This is also a cool vintage design for all men and women. You probably don’t want to miss out on it!

Again, if you think Bigfoot is cool and you want to believe that he does exist in real life, get the “Bigfoot I believe”. It is a simple design with a popular graphic of Bigfoot walking in the forest. Let people know that you like him by wearing this design!

Perhaps none of you who are reading this have seen Bigfoot in person. Or if you do, it must be the once in a lifetime thing. The main reason is that Bigfoot inhabits the forests, and not many people live there. During this Covid-19 pandemic, he probably has the most ideal living area. There is no doubt to say that he is becoming a Champion in this Social Distancing tournament. 

If you are looking for a funny tee, the “Bigfoot saw me” is the one. It comes with an interesting line: “Bigfoot saw me but nobody believes him”. If you don’t see the humor from this design, I don’t know which one can make you laugh! Think about this, the chance of seeing Bigfoot is extremely low, as well as there is zero chance for people to talk to him and even believe in what he says. Not to mention, can he really speak?

Another funny design for your Halloween or Christmas is the “Bigfoot hide and seek champion”. We are not sure if Bigfoot exists, however, one thing we know for sure is that nobody is gonna win if they play hide and seek with him. If you don’t think so, try and do it!

Are you a fan of Star Wars? If you have watched the movie, you should know about Chewie. This character has quite the same appearance with Bigfoot. And you know what? If you still wonder what Bigfoot looks like, just watch the movie and find Chewie. 

Another funny shirt that can make your kids happy is the “Bigfoot Santa“. Similar to Bigfoot, Santa doesn’t seem to be real. But if you want to believe that they are, perhaps you will like the idea of the Bigfoot Santa shirt. Check out the cool graphic in which a Bigfoot wears a Santa hat. This is a really funny design to wear this Christmas.

If you are interested in vintage graphics, check out the “Bigfoot UFO“. It combines the two most mysterious things in the world in a picture. And you can see, the UFO is following Bigfoot in the forest. But what is the purpose?

Halloween is so close!!! Have you got a costume? If you haven’t, check out the “Bigfoot Halloween costume”. It comes with a line “This is my human costume, I’m really a Bigfoot”. You becoming Bigfoot is a scary thing for your kids. The funny part is that this Bigfoot is actually collecting his Halloween candies!! Do you think it’s a cool shirt? 

Because this guy doesn’t want to live near where humans are, there is a good chance that he hates people. If you are an introverted person and you enjoy the isolation period, perhaps you hate people too. Once you wear the “Bigfoot I hate people“, no one would want to bother you.

The “Bigfoot Darryl” is another funny tee for you to buy. This design comes with a cool line: “I wanna be the one who has a beer with Darryl.” In the end, Sasquatch still wants some beer as all men do. However, the one that he wants to drink with is Darryl. Does this name sound familiar to you? It can be Darryl Nepinak, a famous director who worked on the Bigfoot documentary in 2007. So there is no surprise that Bigfoot actually is interested in having some beers with him.

These Bigfoot shirts come with cool and funny graphics, as well as high quality materials. Check them out!

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