Best Butterfly Shirts For Insects Lovers

Butterflies are beautiful and lovely insects. They can be seen everywhere in your daily life, from flowers in the garden, kid’s toys, clothes to any item in the house. Butterflies are normally associated with women, but you might be surprised that there are items for men as well. That’s butterfly shirts.

First of all, we would love to mention the “monarch butterfly“. This is a cute and classic design dedicated for women. The monarch butterfly is an iconic pollinator species that is easily recognized by large wings with black, orange, and white patterns. Due to its beauty, it has inspired designers to make lovely designs for girls’ shirts.

Another cute design is the “butterfly rainbow“. If you love rainbows and multicolor butterflies, it will be a mistake not to own this design.

When it comes to butterfly shirts for men, the “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee” is definitely the one. We all know Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer, activist, and philanthropist. He himself is already an inspiration, so does what he said. One of his best quotes is “ Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee”. The line is well put into a shirt with a picture of Muhammad Ali celebrating his victory. If you, your parents or grandparents are a big fan of this man, this is what you should buy. Besides, this design is quite neutral and can be worn by men and women.

If you are an introverted person and you want people to know, wearing the “anti-social butterfly” might have a good effect. This is a message that you want to deliver. No, I don’t want to talk to anybody. 

Socializing is a good thing, but it is okay if you don’t want to be sociable sometimes. When you are in the mood, you know what to wear! The shirt is designed with dark color so it is a good theme for those situations.

When you keep being anti-social for a long time, people might think that you are autistic. No one wants to have this disability so if someone around you is with it, you should do something to support them. Wear the “autism butterfly” and “Be kind” to them. The shirt with a meaningful line and some sign languages is a good way to show your kind heart.

Butterflies are special, we all know that. But it is hard to explain why this species makes an ideal symbol for any campaign. We have mentioned anti-social, autism, and now butterfly shirts become ideas for breast cancer awareness. The purpose of this design is to raise awareness about this type of cancer. And it is very clear with the line “I’m a survivor, breast cancer awareness” on the shirt. 

If you truly are a survivor, congratulations! We respect your will as a fighter and now wearing this “breast cancer awareness butterfly“, you are contributing to raising awareness in your community. As breast cancer is a common type of cancer among women, the main color for the graphic is pink. However, it doesn’t mean that only women can wear it. As long as you are serious about it, the color doesn’t really matter.

The “Butterfly Suicide Prevention Awareness” is another design for raising awareness. The line “Warrior” says a lot about how strong humans are. It is also a great way to show your support to people who are suffering from that issue. This shirt can also be a great gift that you can get for those people.

Now we have another classic design which is the “I’m Not A Social Butterfly I’m A Sarcastic Moth”. There is a little bit of sarcasm here but it doesn’t really matter when you want people to know who you really are.

If you are looking for a funny design, the “butterfly transform” is an excellent one. Based on the life cycle of a butterfly, the graphic reminds you about the transformation with the “ Hmmm… you’ve changed” line. In this situation, the line has a positive meaning since a butterfly is way more beautiful and cuter than a larva.

For those who like vintage fashion, you should get the “butterfly chart“. The “Got Milkweed” is also a good design. We all know the relationship between butterflies and Milkweed, right?

At Frenzy Tee we have a lot of butterfly shirts for people who love butterflies, quality products for all women, men, and kids. It will be a great gift for family, friends at Christmas, Halloween, birthday, or any special occasions.