Best Civil Engineer Shirts

A civil engineer is someone who deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the built environment such as buildings, roads, pipelines, bridges, canals, dams, airports, railways and many more. They are behind major infrastructure of your city, so you can tell that their job is important. Besides, this job is quite dangerous as they have to constantly work at construction sites. That’s why there is a collection of engineer shirts to appreciate what these professionals do.

Civil engineer shirts are designed from ideas related to civil engineering. They include funny and cool tees that can be a great gift for a civil engineer that you know. If you are looking for this type of tee, don’t forget to check out this collection.

If you don’t work with a civil engineer, you won’t be able to know how funny they are, and sometimes how angry they can be. Since their job requires a lot of hard work, they will spend their break time either resting or telling jokes to entertain people. However, they are serious people when it comes to work. They have to work under a lot of pressure and civil engineering works require safety and precision. So you won’t like them when they get angry. If a civil engineer that you know becomes angry easily, get him the “I’m a civil engineer unless you make me angry”. You might make him laugh with it!

If you are proud of your civil engineer, or you are looking for a funny tee for him, you can take a look at the “best civil engineer”. The graphic on this tee is somewhat inspired by the “Captain America: Civil War” movie, as you can tell from the line: “Best civil engineer in the galaxy.” Your civil engineer will be in love with this design.

As a fan of simple and basic tee, the “civil engineer definition” is the right choice for you. The idea of this design is basically about how these professionals are defined. And I hope that you don’t expect a definition from a Cambridge dictionary. You’ll get a creative definition instead. 

The “Trust me I’m a civil engineer” is an interesting design with a play on words. The actual line you see on the shirt will be “Truss me I’m a civil engineer”. Do you see the reference here? If you don’t, just look at the graphic on the shirt. A truss is an assembly of beams that helps create a rigid structure. It’s a common word in engineering, but it makes a cool shirt in this case!

If you are a student who is studying civil engineering in college, you will be interested in the “future civil engineer”. The shirt comes with cool graphics of under construction buildings. It can also be a great gift for someone who desires to become a civil engineer when they are older.

If your husband, or your dad is a civil engineer, you should buy him the “civil engineer dad” as a gift on Father’s day or any occasion. Not only does the shirt help you express your appreciation to him, but it also tells people that you have such a cool dad/husband. Check it out!

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