Cow Shirts Collection for Cattle Lovers

Any picture of a farm won’t be complete without a cow or a few cows in it. Cow is a close friend of farmers and a symbol of farm life. Therefore, you will see the picture of it everywhere, not excluding your clothing. Let’s check out these wonderful cow shirts .

Cow Skull is an iconic item, therefore, it makes really cool shirts. With the creative mind of designers, the cow skull has been recreated in many styles that suits everyone: men, women, teen girls, teen boys, children, and many more. Get one of these shirts and you won’t be left behind any trend in clothing.
One of the famous Disney movies called Mulan has a very infamous line: “Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!” It was brought into a funny design with a dragon above the line.

Honor is one of the main themes in the movie and it is important in any culture, any family. Therefore, to dishonor someone is not the right thing to do. The meaning of the line can be complex, however, if you have watched the movie, you will understand where this line comes from. Being a fan of Mulan, you can’t miss out on this shirt!

Another funny t-shirt for “Cowgirl” and “Cowboy” is the “holy cow“. I am pretty sure most people have said “Holy cow” at least once in their life. And the line is applied in this shirt in a more creative way. If the word Holy doesn’t seem to be funny to you, just look down on the cow. We all know what it means!

The “cow appreciation day” is a cute and lovely design for anyone who owns it. It comes with a beautiful calf cartoon image and a meaningful line “Cow appreciation. Eat more chicken”. Except for vegetarians, we all love beef. This is a very common and nutritional ingredient in our daily meal. However, sometimes we should take a break and appreciate the cow, and eat other meat like chicken instead. Cow will appreciate it, and the farmer will also appreciate it.

Here comes another funny design for cow shirts. The “I need more cowbell” is an interesting one. Cowbell is an instrument, but also a bell from a cow’s neck. In this context, the idea of having a cowbell is more likely to have people find you easier. So if you are a person who always gets lost, you definitely need more cowbells. And this shirt is a good design for you too.

As we mentioned earlier, cows are good friends of farmers. So is chicken. These two animals gather on a cute graphic for the shirt, which is called the “cow and chicken“. Both are looking at a cow pattern egg, which is a little bit weird, yet still funny. Perhaps they have lived together in a farm and become so close, that’s why the egg has a cow pattern on it? Well, it is hard to explain. However, you don’t need an explanation to own this shirt.

The “Nothing tips like a cow” might bring you some questions. What does the line mean? Some people consider that it relates to “cow-tipping.” That means the expression refers to how hard it is for a cow to turn back over, which is quite helpless. If you don’t really care about the meaning of the line, and you enjoy the picture of a “tip-over” cow, this is a cool shirt to wear.

The “Ask me about my moo cow” is another cute design with a calf cartoon image. Before mentioning the line, let’s just take some time to enjoy the lovely graphic. About moo cow? Perhaps the calf is talking about his mother, another cute cow.
Have you ever heard a cow whispering? It sounds funny and ridiculous, but it somehow appears in the cow whisperer t-shirt. It is just a simple design of a cow and the line “Cow Whisperer”. It is said that the line refers to ordinary people with their stories. So if you are one of those people, you can be proud to wear the shirt.

On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian, you will be in love with this “Save a cow eat a vegetarian”. This is a good way to raise awareness about animal protection.
If you are looking for a cute Christmas gift for your kids, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the “chicken cow sheep pig“. It is such a lovely graphic with these animals in cartoon images. They are just too cute!

The “dog cow vegan” is quite funny with half a cow and half a dog in one image. The line “I see no difference” says everything about that picture.
We are all excited for Halloween, so if you are looking to buy a gift, the cow costume or cow abduction design are good ones for you. One with a cow pattern and the other with an UFO will match with the Halloween theme.

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