Cow Skull Shirts for Cow Lovers

Cow is a gentle animal and it is friendly to humans, however, the cow skull itself doesn’t look gentle. When it comes to Cow Skull, we tend to think about its spiritual meaning. This symbolic item is not just a skull of a cow, but it also represents the protection from harm. Either way, Cow Skull has been a good recreation idea for many different things, including Cow Skull shirts.

Patriotic cow skull” is a great combination between the US flag and the longhorn skull. These two items are mixed well in a classic design for men and women. You don’t need to love the American flag or the skull to be obsessed with this combination. It actually catches your eyes once you see the graphics on the shirt.

If you love flowers, well, most women do, then the “floral cow skull” is a great item to get. The lovely graphic of flowers on the cow’s head will be suitable for women at any age. So it will be a great gift for your loved ones as well.

Another girly design for women is the “boho cow skull“. This shirt has everything that a vintage girl desires, from flowers to boho items. This is a beautiful design, yet funny with the boho earrings hanging on the steer skull. There is no doubt that this shirt is dedicated for women.

However, don’t worry men, we have an interesting design for you. If you have been disappointed because there are so many designs for women, this “bull skull” will cheer you up. The design is quite neutral, but can be a men shirt. The cow skull is recreated in a vintage style. If you love cows, and you love vintage clothes, don’t miss out on these Cow shirts!