Best Electrical Engineer Shirts

An electrical engineer is in charge of developing new electrical systems by applying the physics and mathematics of electricity. They play an important role in helping process information and transmit energy in both large and small scale systems. If you are looking for stuff relating to electrical engineer shirts, check out this collection.

The “electrical engineer transistor” is a funny design with an image of the transistor being the main graphic. It looks quite complicated for people who don’t have knowledge about electricity. That’s why when you look at the shirt, “That is the question.” However, if you find it interesting, you might want to be an electrical engineer.

If you are proud of this job and you like the fact that not many people understand what you do, the “electrical engineer what part of this sarcasm” is a good one to own. The graphic is simply a distribution board, which looks like a maze. It is difficult for anyone to understand what it says, except electrical engineers. This design has a little bit of sarcasm, however, it is a cool design to wear.

Another funny design for electrical engineers is the “electrical engineer definition“. “If you don’t know what we do, take a look at this shirt!” That’s the message you can send to people around you by wearing the design.

Besides, fans of vintage design will be in love with the “Ohms law diagram electrical engineer”. Trust me, people won’t understand what the diagram is about. But it is a beautiful design by the look of it.

The “Electrical engineer stay grounded”comes with one of the most famous quotes: “Stay grounded.” A grounded person always makes good decisions, so if you are humble or you want people to be, don’t miss out on this design!

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