Best Electrician Shirts

Having an electrician in the house is very helpful when you need to deal with electricity problems. There are different categories when it comes to this job such as substation electrician and aviation electrician. If you or someone you know is an electrician, having one of the electrician t-shirts will be cool. Here are some interesting and funny ideas for electrician shirts.

The “electrician wife” is ideal for all women out there whose husbands are electricians. Your men would appreciate you wearing the shirt because they will know that you are proud of them. This design is also a good idea when you want to find a different way to show affection to your husband. It is just a simple design with the cool line “I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super cool wife of a freaking awesome electrician. But here I am. Killing it!” Who else doesn’t like this?

A fuse is a common safety device used in the electricity industry. It is important for the electrician to keep it safe. The “Save a fuse, Blow an electrician” is a funny design to own.
An interesting design that is dedicated for nerdy electricians is the “electrical circuit electrician“. The reason is that only they could understand what the graphic means. It is about an electrical panel with a question asking what part of it you don’t understand. As an electrician who is confident with your knowledge, you can comfortably wear the shirt and answer any question about it. Or if someone around you is nerdy like that, it is a great gift to give them.

If you are looking for a funny electrician t-shirt, take a look at the “I’m an electrician, I can’t fix stupid but I can fix what stupid does”. This design is just classic and simple, however, the meaning of the line and graphic is what makes it a funny shirt. No wise person would put the fork into a power plug. That’s an example of stupid actions and an electrician can’t fix those people, but they surely can fix what they do to devices like a power plug.

Everything relating to electricity is dangerous and difficult to fix if you don’t learn about it. That’s why electrician’s hourly rates are fairly high in many countries. Based on this fact, the “electrician hourly rate” is recreated in a funny way. Check it out!
Another funny design for a men’s shirt is the “I’m an electrician cause certified badass isn’t a title”. People might think that electricians are crumpy and some of them can be a badass. We are not saying that all of them are like that, however, if you agree, this is what you need to get. Or you can buy this shirt for a grumpy old electrician and make him laugh. It can be a little bit sarcastic here, however, it is somehow true, isn’t it?

Now we have another basic design which is the “electrician definition“. It is basic because it just explains to you what the word electrician means, similar to any dictionary. However, if you read details, the definition is really funny, but also true.
Who thinks electricians are boring when looking at the line “I work with strippers” on the design. They get a high-paying job, and they get to work with strippers. However, before you think about sexy strippers and that it is such an amazing job, take a closer look at the graphic. The strippers we are talking about here are the wire strippers, an important tool used in this job. This is a twist with the word, but it makes a funny design.

If you are an electrician apprentice, this is the right design for you. The “electrician apprentice” is just funny with the line “I’m an apprentice electrician. Of course I’m crazy. Do you think a sane person would do this job?” Think about it, apart from the funny part, you will appreciate these people for doing such a risky and skillful job.
Another funny design for your selection is the “electrician dad“. If you have become a dad, you know how stressful it can be to raise and take good care of the kids. Also, we all know that being an electrician is quite risky. Therefore, when you are an electrician and also a dad, nothing could scare you.

Besides, as an electrician, you don’t just repair things for other people, but also for your home. That’s why things don’t really change when you retire. Because of that, the “Retired electrician just like a regular electrician, only way happier” is a great design for these people.
If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your electrician dad on his birthday or any occasion like Christmas, you should definitely get the “My dad is the world’s best electrician”. He will be happy to know that you are proud of him.

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