Cool Engineer Shirts

An engineer is someone who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. If you don’t know, there are six main branches of engineering, including Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical. And there are plenty of different subcategories of engineering, such as Aerospace Engineer, Audio Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Combat Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Train Engineer

No matter what type of engineer you know, they are all important people. And they are a great inspiration for designers to make an engineer shirt. These shirts come with cool graphics and lines to make people appreciate an engineer more.

People always see an engineer in his uniform while he works and barely see him wearing a tee. However, if you are a family member, you will see them in casual outfits more often. And it would be a nice surprise when you get them a cool or funny engineer shirt. 

Of course, when people are so familiar with the image of an engineer in his uniform, it is a little bit strange to see him wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes you might not be able to recognize him because he looks so different. The “Trust me I’m an engineer” is a funny design to wear in those situations. At the end of the day, no matter how he looks or what he wears, he is just an engineer. How cute is that?

If your kids grow up dreaming to be an engineer in the future, you should get him/her the future engineer shirt. When someone in the family is an engineer, it is possible that the kids would want to do what their grandparent or parent do.The graphic and the line on this tee are also cool. “Engineer in training” is exactly how you should describe the kids. And wearing these tees can make the grandpa or the parent happy and proud.

Another funny but interesting design about engineers is the “10 reasons to date an engineer”. Are you an engineer and still single? Don’t hesitate to get this tee because it will catch the attention of anyone around you, especially your crush. Wanna know why? Just look at the ten reasons why you should date an engineer on the shirt. And they are pretty accurate in my opinion. What do you think about them? Will you be convinced to date an engineer?

No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can become an engineer. This is the job for all men and women in the world. However, the fact is that the percentage of male engineers is higher than female engineers. That’s why there are a lot of engineer designs for dad, and this “dad engineer” is one of them. The cool line on this tee says it all about how amazing an engineer can be: “I’m a dad and an engineer. Nothing scares me.”

So this design is quite controversial because it can make you look like either a funny or an arrogant engineer. Read the line on the “Engineer always right” and tell me what you think. “I am an engineer. To save time let’s assume that I’m always right.” Perhaps that’s not 100% true, but who knows!

I know that girls have been upset because there haven’t been any designs dedicated to them. That’s why this “Want to be an engineer girl” is special. Most girls want to be princesses, but you don’t need to become a princess to be attractive, girl. If you want to be an engineer, I’m sure there are many boys who will be interested in you. And don’t forget to wear the shirt when you hang out with them!

If you are interested in funny tees, you will love the “Engineer Problem Coffee Sacarm”. Not just an engineer, but we all need caffeine to be awake to work. However, when an engineer drinks coffee, is he able to solve the problem? Check out the shirt to find the answer! Spoiler: It’s a little bit sarcastic here.

This is another cool design for women. If you are so proud of being a wife of an engineer, let him know! There are many different ways to show love to your husband and wearing the “engineer wife” is a good idea. The graphic on this tee is so simple but when you wear it, you will feel like the love is in the air!

Another simple and basic design when it comes to engineer shirts is the “Engineer definition“. So what do you think the right definition of an engineer is? Is it the one on this shirt? Check it out!

The “engineer beer” is a cool shirt with a play on word. Let’s be honest, almost all men love drinking beers, not just an engineer. However, the idea of an engineer having a beer can make an interesting design. The line is cool, and wearing this tee, you will look just as cool!

If you are a big fan of retro style, you will be interested in the “old man engineer“. If you are an engineer or used to be an engineer, you can make people admired. Even when you get old, you can help people solve a lot of problems. That’s why the line on this shirt is so true: “Never underestimate an old man with an engineering degree.” And you should not!

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