Cool Lemon Shirts For Lemon Lovers

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and are popular in life. People normally use them in small quantities to add flavor to food because the intense, sour taste makes it hard to consume them alone. Lemons are useful when it comes to sauces, salad dressings, baked goods, marinades, drinks, desserts, and even lemon shirts.

If you are looking for a lemon shirt, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of funny and interesting ideas for this type of tee. The lemon shirt is suitable for everyone, including men, women, kids. It can also be a great gift for any occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, or birthdays.

The first design is the “John Lemon” which is funny with a play on words. You probably have heard about John Lennon, a well-known singer and a legend in the music industry. Because of his popularity, his name became an interesting idea for a funny pun. Does “John Lemon” sound like “John Lennon” to you? Besides, the graphic is cool with a yellow lemon wearing sunglasses. It is just as cool as the famous singer.

If you are looking for a positive message in life, the “easy peasy lemon squeezy” is the right one. For those who don’t know the quote, it tells you that everything is easy and simple. When you struggle with doing anything, just think about it as squeezing a lemon. Nothing is impossible unless you give up on it. The shirt has a simple design with a cool graphic of lemons.

This is another funny design of lemon tee, the line on the “Difficult difficult lemon difficult” has the opposite meaning compared to the previous one. When things are no longer easy for you, and you really have a hard time, you have the right to stop trying for a while and talk about it to people. The line on this design has a little bit of sarcasm and fun. It will be interesting if you get this shirt, and your partner gets the easy peasy lemon squeezy shirt. The duo makes funny matching tees.

Lemons are sour so they can’t be eaten alone. Similar to that, sometimes you will have problems and troubles that stress you out. Just remember that everyone’s life has so many ups and downs, therefore, you can’t complain about it all the time. The best way is to deal with your problems and turn them into some good things. For example, if someone gives you a lemon, don’t eat it or throw it away, make a lemonade instead. If you like the positivity from this example, get the “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”.

Do you love Bon Jovi? If the answer is yes, you will be interested in the “lemon on a pear“. If the answer is no, look for their awesome song: “Livin’ on a prayer”. After listening to the song, you also want to get the shirt. We are not talking about how amazing the song is here, but how funny the pun is. Who thinks “Livin’ on a prayer” can be “Lemon on a pear”? And of course, the graphic is not about Bon Jovi, but it is literally a lemon on a pear and they are both singing the song. This design will definitely catch the attention of Bon Jovi fans, or people who love the humor from it.

If you are too lazy to look for a Halloween costume this year, get the “Pretend I’m a lemon”. Although it doesn’t really turn you into a lemon, it is just funny looking at the graphic.

Is there anyone you know who is interested in starting a business? Or if you are but you don’t have a lot of money, it will be easier to get started by selling lemon juice. This “Lemonade stand boss” is dedicated for people who wish to become a boss of a lemonade stand.

Another funny design for you is the “Slightly bitter lemon”. If you think you are getting bitter, it is a good idea to wear this shirt so that people don’t try to mess with you. Besides, this tee is just too cute to have. We all know that lemons are sour, not bitter. So it will also be a funny tee for you to own.

At Frenzy Tee, we have a lot of lemon shirts which are high-quality products for all women, men, kids. You can choose many different products such as hoodie, sweater, coffee mug … It will be an excellent gift for family, friends at Christmas, Halloween, birthday, or any special occasions.