The piano has been around since 1700 and it is still popular until these days. It is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument that was invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori. The piano comes with a row of keys that the performer presses down with their fingers to cause the hammers and strike the strings. Many people love playing or listening to piano music. That’s why there are plenty of piano shirt designs and ideas for them.

The idea of creating a piano shirt simply comes from a huge number of people who love this musical instrument. They can be kids, adults, men, women, the elderly, and many more. These shirts are designed with different styles to suit most of them. There are also many shirts for pianists and piano teachers.

To play the piano, you need to use its keyboard. Depending on the type of the piano, there are more or less keys on the keyboard. Normally we are used to a piano with 88 keys and the performers need to use 10 fingers to play it. If you are playing this type of piano, get yourself a piano keys shirt. It shows how confident you are when using 10 fingers to play. This tee also comes with a cool graphic of a keyboard and sheet music.

If you are looking for a funny shirt, check out the She wants the d piano shirt. The humor comes from the play on words. And of course, this shirt is only for adults, not kids. 

Do you love animals, especially cats? The cat playing piano shirt has a cute and lovely graphic which is a cat playing the piano. Perhaps you can imagine how “well” she plays and if you get to choose, you don’t want to listen. However, it makes a cute shirt. If you like the graphic, make sure to get one for yourself, or buy it as a gift to people you know.

Most girls love rainbows, and the “Rainbow piano keyboard” t-shirt is a cool design idea when it comes to a piano tee. It is basically a keyboard but it looks like a rainbow, how cool is that? If you like this idea, check this shirt out!

Another cute design for girls is the “Piano girl” t-shirt. You know it is definitely dedicated for girls when looking at the graphic. Apart from a keyboard and a few notes, there is a line “Piano girl”. As a pianist, or a girl who loves playing this instrument, you will be interested in this shirt.

Most pianists would love the “Eat sleep piano” shirt. This design is very basic and classic. There are only a few words on the shirt which include: eat, sleep, piano, repeat. However, it says so much about your normal life. If you want to let people know how simple your daily routine is, wear this tee!

The “If you think I’m quiet piano shirt” is a cool tee for piano lovers. Most people are completely different when they have music around. They can be shy, or quiet when they meet people, but they will turn into an exalted person when they listen to music or play an instrument. If you are one of those people, you will want to get this shirt. The line on this tee says a lot about your personality: “If I look quiet, it’s because you haven’t seen me with my piano.” Or if you think this line describes someone you know, make sure to get it for them!

As a piano teacher, you want your students to listen to you and play well. Besides, you want them to think that you are right. Then you should get the piano teacher t-shirt. The line: “Piano teacher is always right” says it all.

If your kids love playing piano, maybe they love Piano kid shirt as well. The shirt has a piano keyboard and a cute line: “Piano ninja.” Perhaps your kids will be interested in becoming a ninja on a keyboard. 

If you are a Christian, you know that piano is one of the must-have instruments in the Church. And if you are a Christian piano player, there is one cool shirt for you. The holy cross on a piano keyboard makes a cool graphic for the “Christian piano player” shirt. Check it out!

Another funny design for you is the “Funny piano evolution shirt“. If you love vintage clothing, you will be interested in this tee. This shirt is funny because of the idea of the graphic.

If you are confident with playing piano or proud of your skills and techniques, you will want to own the “I don’t make mistake when playing the piano” shirt. Let people know how well you play by wearing this tee. And don’t worry, they will know just by reading the line: “I don’t make mistakes when playing piano, I make spontaneous creative decisions.”

At Frenzy Tee we have a lot of piano shirts for people who love piano, quality products for all women, men, and kids. It will be a great gift for family, friends at Christmas, Halloween, birthday, or any special occasions.