Cool Pumpkin Shirt Ideas For Pumpkin Lovers

Pumpkin is a popular squash that reminds us about good food and exciting holidays. It is usually used to decorate for Halloween or to make filling for Thanksgiving pie. More importantly, pumpkin provides a wide range of health benefits. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can use not only the flesh, but also seeds, leaves, and juices. You can make a lot of delicious dishes with pumpkin, such as salads, preserves, and desserts. Furthermore, you can use pumpkin to create a funny pumpkin shirt.

There are plenty of interesting ideas for a cool pumpkin shirt. These designs are ideal to wear on Halloween. As you know, pumpkin is widely known as a part of Halloween decoration. Besides, they can be a good family matching t-shirt. You can get them for your father, your mother, brother and sister as there are different sizes for different people.

In addition to pumpkin, pumpkin spice is also a good idea for funny tees. Check out the collection of these shirts to select the best pumpkin spice shirt for you.

It is always good to know that you’re pregnant. If you find out your pregnancy when it’s close to Thanksgiving, there are many creative ways for your pregnancy announcement, including wearing the “pumpkin pregnancy“. People would be so happy when they see your maternity shirt as they are excited for the upcoming holiday. Besides, the tee has a very cute design of a pumpkin with two tiny footprints on it, and a lovely line: “Little pumpkin on the way”. If you love the idea of this tee, don’t forget to check it out!

The “pumpkin smuggler” is another funny tee when it comes to family matching shirts. The cute graphic will make everyone fall in love with it, from men, women, to baby, toddler, and many more. When it comes to smugglers, they don’t seem to be good people, especially drug smugglers. However, what do you think about pumpkin smugglers? Perhaps they are just those pumpkin lovers.

If you are looking for a scary Halloween costume, check out the “great pumpkin believer“. You must be familiar with the Great Pumpkin character who would rise from the pumpkin patch on Halloween night and bring toys to sincere and believing children. Or I am not sure if you have heard about the animated television show: “ It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Whether you believe in this character or not, this is still a cool design to get for this Halloween. 

In case you are looking for more funny designs, the pumpkin pi shirt is the one. This tee has a cool graphic that you can get for a nerdy friend. Don’t misunderstand that the word “pi” here is a delicious dessert “pumpkin pie”. Instead, it is a funny play on words. If you don’t know what “pi” is, you are probably not very good at math.

Apart from funny ideas, pumpkin can contribute to many scary designs. The “Peter Peter pumpkin eater” is a great tee to wear on your Halloween. Do you want to know why? Just take a look! Or does “Peter Peter pumpkin eater” sound familiar to you? It is a common nursery rhyme that you learn from your childhood, but it makes a cool graphic for this tee.

If you are looking for a cute design for your baby, the “cutest pumpkin in the patch” can be the one. Of course all babies are cute and wearing this tee, your baby will be the cutest pumpkin in the family. Besides, this shirt is suitable for both boys and girls, so it can be a cool family matching shirt.

People should feel thankful for what they have, not only on Thanksgiving day, but also every day in their life. If you are satisfied with your life, get the thankful pumpkin shirt. The line: “Thankful, grateful and blessed” just says it all about your attitude. Wearing this shirt, people would feel more comfortable approaching you as they know you are in a good mood and have a good life.

The “pumpkin face” is another option for your Halloween costume. It has a scary graphic of a carved pumpkin face. Pumpkin carving is one of the most exciting activities for kids on Halloween. There are many interesting ideas for carving a pumpkin, and most of them are really cute. However, the carved pumpkin face on this tee is a little bit different. If you are looking for a cool design to wear on the holiday, don’t miss out on this shirt!

Another scary yet funny tee for your Halloween collection is the “pumpkin boobs costume“. It comes with two yellow pumpkins as your boobs. And there are two skeleton hands on those pumpkins. It is definitely a Halloween design! An ironic thing about this shirt is that it is supposed to be scary, but it looks funny as well, in my opinion. 

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