Save Elephant T-Shirts for Elephant Lovers

If you are an elephant lover and interested in preserving the animal you can contribute by buying shirts with the message of protecting the elephant, which will help to raise awareness and to call for the support of many animal lovers. Why must we protect elephants? Because Elephants contribute a lot to the growth and development of species in the natural environment:

– Through the consumption of large quantities of plants (including seeds), they help to transport the seeds to other areas through their dung.
– Their dung is food for beetles, they are also a source of nutrients to help plants grow.
– They can dig holes to find water, other animals share the water source to drink.
– Elephants consume overhead plants, which help lower vegetation to catch sunlight and grow.

The number of elephants has decreased due to ivory exploitation, along with the shrinking habitat. On August 12 each year, it was chosen as an elephant day to raise awareness about protecting and preserving elephants.

How can we protect elephants? You can donate material to save elephant foundations or you can donate by buying clothes, gifts; a portion of the profits will be deducted to go to places that need help.

At Frenzy Tee, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment, our responsibility to the animals that share the earth with us. Through elephant T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters … we want to contribute to the conservation of all animals, especially elephants.