A train engineer or a locomotive engineer is someone who works on board moving locomotives. They are in charge of operating trains and driving them safely. Starting as a brake operator, a switch operator or a conductor, they are trained and then get experience to become a train engineer. If you know someone who does this job, get them one of the train engineer shirts.

A train engineer shirt comes with beautiful graphics related to trains and funny lines. These professionals work quietly to ensure safety to everyone on a train. Therefore, we need them. These shirts are designed to make people appreciate their job more. 

The “Train engineer this is how I roll” shirt is a cool design. This tee comes with a stunning graphic of a train on the railway. And the line: “This is how I roll” lets people know how cool you are as a train engineer.

If you are looking for a funny tee, get the “Train engineer I dream I’m a train” shirt. As we all know, the train makes some noise when it moves. Sometimes the noise is not very pleasant to hear. Similar to that, when you snore, you can annoy other people. That is the idea for this shirt. As you can expect, the graphic is about a moving train. The funny part of this shirt is the line: “I don’t snore. I dream I’m a train.” That’s a good excuse when you snore, what do you think?

Another funny shirt for a train engineer is the “Railroad engineer horsepower” t-shirt. If you are proud of your vehicle as it has a strong engine, wait until you look at the train. As a railroad engineer, you are driving a 17,200 HP vehicle, which is huge compared to a car or a truck. This design has a funny line: “Your ride has 300 horsepower? Adorable. Mine has 17,200 HP.” You might think this is a little bit sarcastic. However, it is the truth!

What else do you think that can distract people easier than a train? Whenever there is a train coming, people must be aware and careful. With a train driver, it has that power too. The “Easily distracted by train” shirt is a cool tee to get for your train engineer.

If your husband works as a locomotive engineer, you must take a look at the “locomotive engineer wife” shirt. This design is dedicated for those women whose husbands are train engineers. It comes with a lovely line: “I’m a proud wife of a freaking awesome locomotive engineer.” Trust me, your husband would be so happy when they see you in the shirt.

If you are studying to become a train engineer, you will be in love with the “future train engineer” shirt. It is a basic design but it lets people know who you are going to be in the near future. You can also get this shirt as a gift to your classmate or someone whose dream is to become a train engineer.

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