Cool Violin Shirts for Violin Lovers

In the modern symphony orchestra, the violin is an expressive string instrument that is known to come from Italy. It can be played solo, in string quartets or full orchestras. You will find the sound of violin in every genre from classical to popular music. Although it is the smallest, it has the highest-pitched of the string instrument family that includes violin, viola, double bass and cello. If you like this instrument, I am sure you will be interested in having a violin shirt.

The violin shirt is basically a beautiful shirt with the violin as the main graphic. There are plenty of funny and cool designs for all men, women who are violin lovers. In addition, you can easily find plenty of tees that are dedicated for a violinist. Check them out and choose your favourite design!

If you love playing violin or listening to the sound of it, you should get the “Eat sleep violin”. Your routine during the day is just simple: eat, sleep, play violin and repeat. That just shows how enjoyable your life is. And looking at the shirt, everyone will be jealous of you.

The “Llama violin” is a funny design for you. It comes with a cute graphic of a llama becoming a violinist and having a good time with its instrument. Do you think that llamas are a cute animal? If you are looking for a lovely design, take a look at this shirt.

It is not easy to play any kind of string instrument, especially a violin. Therefore, when you know how to play it and even become excellent at it, you can be proud of yourself. The “I play violin” is definitely a cool shirt for violinists. This tee comes with an interesting line: “That’s what I do I play violin and I know things.”

Each person has a different way to relax and calm their mind. But there is one thing we can’t deny, which is the power of music. It helps us relax, relieve stress and many more. If the sound of the violin is a type of music that makes your day better, don’t miss out on the “Violin makes my day a whole lot better”. This tee also has a basic design which is suitable for everyone. 

The “Girls violin” is dedicated for girls who love playing this instrument. Although there is no limit regarding age and gender to who can play violin, we normally see a female violinist instead of a male one. If you are one of those girls, you will be in love with this tee. It comes with a cool line: “Never underestimate a girl with a violin.”

Are you a fan of “The Lord of the Rings” books or movies? If the answer is yes and you also love violin, make sure to get a “Lord of the strings” violin shirt. The line on the shirt sounds familiar to the one on the famous books, doesn’t it? In fact, violin can be the lord of the string instrument family because of its pitch. So the line is pretty accurate about this instrument. And this tee has a beautiful graphic as well.

Another cool design for violin lovers is the “My wand chose me” violin shirt. A wand is always associated with a violin. Without a wand, you can’t play this instrument. No matter if you are playing a popular violin, or a double bass violin, you all need a wand. If you love your violin and your wand, make sure to get this tee.

If there haven’t been enough funny designs for you to choose from, check out the “May the strings be with you”. Do you think this line sounds hilarious? Then, you know what to do!

The “Without the violin life would B flat” is also a cool tee for violin lovers. If the sound of the violin makes you feel good, it definitely plays an important part in your life. Once the violin becomes a useful tool to enhance your mental health, it is possible that you will feel flat without it. If you think this tee is cool, get one for yourself!

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