Best Vodka Shirts For Vodka Lovers

Vodka is a popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It has been a favourite drink of many adults because of the taste. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to be a fan of this beverage. There are some cool ideas when it comes to Vodka shirts. If you love vodka, let people know by wearing these designs.

When you go to a night party, you just want to have fun and not to think about the limit of alcohol consumption. That’s why the “hakuna ma vodka” is what you need to wear on these occasions. This piece of clothing is made for people who love partying all night. As you can tell from the line: “Hakuna Ma’vodka. It means no memories for the rest of your night.” It just says everything. Don’t forget to get more of these designs for your gang as well. You know, it is not fun drinking and partying alone.

On the other hand, the “vodka soda” is a funny design for people who love vodka. Vodka soda is an excellent mix for a night party. Whether you are drinking at home, or at a bar, we tend to talk a lot of stupid things. Some of us even enjoy judging people when we drink. If you love this drink, and you judge people, this is a great design for you! The shirt comes with a simple graphic which is two glasses of vodka soda and the line. It is suitable for both men and women.
If you are looking for a classic design, the “Trust me you can dance vodka” is what you need. Drinking and dancing is a combo for a party. And after a few shots of vodka, you will surely dance along the music. However, it’ll be way more fun to have other people dancing with you. With that being said, the shirt will encourage people around you, even strangers to join you.

The “Tito vodka” is another funny design for you. If you are a fan of this drink, you must have heard about Tito’s Vodka that has been around since 1997. The line on the shirt is just so cute: “Keto? I thought you said Tito’s.” Well, now you know that these two things are totally different. So do you really mishear Keto and Tito’s? Maybe or maybe not!

If you are one of those people who are not interested in elections, you will be in love with this design. The “I vote for vodka” is a simple design, but the meaning of the line is what makes it special. Vodka maybe is more interesting than politics. So if you would rather vote for vodka, this shirt is definitely for you!

It is quite obvious that all of us enjoy drinking with friends more than alone. Therefore, having a matching t-shirt with your team is a great idea, especially when you all love vodka. The “team vodka” is a good design for all Russians. It also shows a pride in them about the drink.

Do you like self-help books? Or are you an optimistic person? If the answer is yes, you don’t want to miss out on this shirt. The “When life gives you lemons add vodka” just shows a lot of positivity towards life. We all know that lemon itself is sour and not many people enjoy having it. However, vodka and lemon is a good mix. That means when something bad happens to you, just try to turn it into a gift. In other words, no matter how hard your life can be, it is just a small challenge. So keep being optimistic! If you like the idea of this shirt, you’ll be happy to own one.

Another positive idea when it comes to vodka shirts is the “Vodka happy water for fun people “.Of course vodka is not water, but it looks just like it. Also, drinking this kind of “water” will bring you so much fun and make you happy.
Feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day? The “V is for vodka” is a cool design for single people. If you don’t care about this day, just wear this shirt. If Valentines doesn’t make you happy, Vodka will. This shirt comes with a basic design but it can be an awesome shirt for cool people like you!

Another cool design that can spread positivity is the “vodka helps“. Sometimes in your life, there are unexpected things that don’t make you feel good. Or sometimes your plan just doesn’t go as well as you want it to. In these cases, being upset or depressed don’t help. Instead, you need to be optimistic and believe in good things. Or a simple solution is to think about Vodka. This drink can’t help you solve the main problem, but it can make you forget about the reality, feel better and deal with those things later.

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